Getting Drunk

Servings of alcohol determine how many drinks you have before you become drunk. A serving of light drink, such as beer, is four pints or half a gallon. A serving of moderate drink, such as wine, is two pints or a quarter of a gallon. A serving of heavy drink such as sprits, is a pint or an eighth of a gallon.

  • A Flask, Tankard and a wine glass (both red and white) is 1 pint
  • A Bottle is 2 pints
  • A jug and pitcher is 1 gallon

Once you have consumed servings equal to the designated symptom (see table below), you must make A DC 15 constitution saving throw to negate the effect. The saving throw must be made each time you have another drink within the hour. If an hour passes without failing the serving throw, the character's amount of servings consumed resets to 0. If you consume servings of alcohol up to the next level, then you then take that levels effect. The effects last for number of hours equal to 6 - their Constitution modifier (minimum 1). There are three types of drinkers, which the players designate to their characters; Light drinkers, who gain a disadvantage on saving throws, Moderate drinkers who do not have an advantage or disadvantage, and Heavy drinkers who gain an advantage on saving throws


Amount of Drinks:

Half the Constitution modifier rounded down


Advantage roles on Charisma checks, -1 Dexterity


Amount of Drinks:

The Constitution modifier


Poisoned condition (excluding Performance, Persuasion), +2 Charisma (Persuasion) & Charisma (Performance)


Amount of Drinks:

Twice the Constitution modifier


Impaired Judgement^, Poisoned condition (excluding Intimidation), +2 to Intimidation, -2 to Deception, Performance, & persuasion

Black out

Amount of Drinks:

Three times the Constitution modifier


Unconscious condition

Mildly Hung-over

Amount of Drinks:

After the drunk condition ends



Heavily Hung-over

Amount of Drinks:

After the hammered & blacked out condition ends


Nausea^, Speed halved, Stunned effect (excluding being Incapacitated), -1 to Intelligence

^has no effect, but is a roleplaying note for the players.

Do as you will with these rules, and be sure to comment any new ideas.

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