Ring of Protection

Ring of Protection

Ring, rare (requires attunement, by wearing it for a week while remaining pure of heart.)

This particular silver ring, set with an onyx, wrought in the form of a double platinum dragon, hints at its origins.  This very rare magical item was crafted by a powerful cleric of the dragon god Bahamat / Paladine centuries agone.  Legend has it (recorded in the ruins of a lost tower library) that the original of this ring, was wrought by the god himself, from one of his platinum scales, and gifted to his most trusted and beloved paladin.

Even this silver copy grants a powerful protective ward; if an evil creature, such as an orc or drow, should actually make physical contact with the wearer, the ring will flare with a brilliant, blinding, pure white light that burns the flesh of the wicked attacker.


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Ring of Protection (Bahamut / Paladine)

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