An Priest's Pack is a bundle of items you can either buy for 19 gp, or get immediately when you create your character. The Priest's Pack consists of:

  • Backpack (2 gp) 5lbs
  • Blanket (0.5 gp) 3lbs
  • 10 x Candles (0.1 gp) 0lbs
  • Tinderbox (0.5 gp) 1lbs
  • 2 Day Rations (1 gp) 2lbs per rations
  • Waterskin (0.2 gp)
  • Alms Box (2 gp)
  • 2 Incense blocks (2.5 gp)
  • Censer (5 gp)
  • Vestments (10 gp)
  • Total weight: 24lbs

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