2nd-level transmutation
Casting Time 1 action
Range 60 feet
Components V S M (Small leather loop/Cup-shaped golden wire with shank)
Duration Conc. Up to 10 minutes

One creature or object you can see rises vertically, up to 20 feet, and remains suspended for the duration. The spell can levitate up to 500 pounds. An unwilling creature that succeeds on a Constitution save is unaffected.

The target can move only by pushing or pulling against a fixed surface, which allows it to move as if it were climbing. It can also move up or down as part of its movement. You can change the target's altitude by up to 20 feet on your turn. Otherwise, you can use your action to move the target, but only within the spell's range.

When the spell ends, the target floats gently to the ground if it is still aloft.