Bonds represent the character's connections to people, places, and events in the world.

Player BondsEdit

Bonds that connect you with other players are very important, and come highly recommended by all. Why do you adventure with the other players and not some other party? Do you know any of them from before you adventured? Did you save one of their lives, or did they save yours? Did you spend some time working with them before? Or are you perhaps childhood friends? These bonds are what defines a lot of player to player roleplay and can help you get more invested in the party and other player characters compared to having just met a random group of strangers in a tavern

World BondsEdit

World bonds are bonds that connect you with the world you are playing in. Try to come up with multiple of these. Are you from a small farming village, a trade hub or perhaps a large city or metropolis? Were your family farmers, traders, guards, adventurers, criminals or perhaps nobles? Do you have any siblings or parents - and if so, who are they? These bonds help tie your character to the world and makes them feel more real compared to a random adventurer that could just as well havde been dropped into the world.