• MimiTheYume

    Artificer and Mystic?

    January 1, 2018 by MimiTheYume

    Should I add artificer and mystic? 

    I know mystics are broken and that they should recieve some nerfs but the artificer looks alright?

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  • Nuperopp591

    The State of This Wiki

    November 22, 2017 by Nuperopp591

    I'm reposting this as a blog as no one responded when I posted it in Discussions, so please disregard that post.

    Hello, everyone. I'm Nuperopp591, but you can use any shortening of this name, or just call me John. As you may have noticed, this wikipedia has lacked any real leadership for the past two years or so. It is in dire ne​ed of some administrators to help keep information accurate and accounted for. I think some of the problems with this stem from the fact that the information in D&D is usually bought and sold, not simply found online. Due to copyright restrictions, we cannot simply copy data found within the bought material in the website (of course, on the other hand, it is hard to prevent users from doing this). What I'm saying i…

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  • Evil746

    Getting Drunk

    Servings of alcohol determine how many drinks you have before you become drunk. A serving of light drink, such as beer, is four pints or half a gallon. A serving of moderate drink, such as wine, is two pints or a quarter of a gallon. A serving of heavy drink such as sprits, is a pint or an eighth of a gallon.

    • A Flask, Tankard and a wine glass (both red and white) is 1 pint
    • A Bottle is 2 pints
    • A jug and pitcher is 1 gallon

    Once you have consumed servings equal to the designated symptom (see table below), you must make A DC 15 constitution saving throw to negate the effect. The saving throw must be made each time you have another drink within the hour. If an hour passes without failing the serving throw, the character's amount of …

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